Serving Central Florida


Serving Central Florida

Has junk got you down? You don't have to let clutter run your life.

Let Junk It Plus  get rid of your clutter today so that you can enjoy a happier, healthier tomorrow.

Over the years, we all accumulate stuff. Some of it’s useful, some of it we enjoy and some of it is just in the way.
That’s especially true whenever you tackle a big project like:

These and hundreds of other projects around the house, garden or office are bound to generate junk. When this happens, there’s no need to try to haul it away yourself or let it become an unsightly mess in your yard. All you have to do is contact Junk It Plus

Why Call Junk It Plus?

If you’ve never used an Orlando junk removal service before, then you may question whether or not you even need it. Here are some of the best reasons why using a junk hauler just makes sense.

When you have a dumpster on the job site, you always have a convenient place to put your junk. That keeps the job site cleaner and safer while also freeing up your time and energy for focusing on the project.

Ricardo - Owner of Junk It Plus

Not sure which size is right for you?

Then look at it this way.

The 12-cubic yard dumpster can hold the equivalent of more than 60 bulging yard debris bags.

If that’s not enough, then consider The 16-cubic yard dumpster. It can hold the equivalent of more than 90 huge yard debris bags. Of course, your junk doesn’t have to be in bags. Just throw it in the dumpster instead.

Nothing could be easier.

Save Your Time

Chances are pretty good that you’ve got better things to do than pack up and haul away your junk. Whether those better things are a day of fishing or an opportunity to get started a little earlier on your home renovation project is entirely up to you.

That’s the beauty of using a junk removal service in Orlando. Junk It Plus  does all of the hard work for you so that your time is free to concentrate on more important things.

It's Convenient

After two decades of living in your house, you’ve finally decided to clean out the garage. Now, you’ve got piles of stuff that need to be gone, but no way to haul it.

A super-small, fuel efficient car is a great choice for the environment and your pocketbook, but it sure isn’t great for hauling around huge loads of clutter.

Let Junk It Plus  handle the job for you. We’ve got all the hauling capacity that you could ever need.

Save Your Money

Junk It Plus hauls it all from yard debris to old electronic devices and kitchen appliances. If you had to figure out where to haul all of that stuff yourself, you’d not only waste your time but also your money. Dumping your junk at various locations around the city burns through a lot of gas, not to mention all of the fees that are involved with the dumping itself.

When you work with Junk It Plus, you pay one transparent, up-front fee to get all of your clutter taken away for good. Isn’t that quicker and more affordable than doing it yourself?

Stay Safe

When you let the well-trained professionals at Junk It Plus deal with your clutter, then you don’t have to worry about being exposed to something toxic or lifting something that’s too heavy. No cuts, scratches or bruises for you either because you did the smart thing and contacted Junk It Plus.

Whenever too much stuff starts taking over your residential or commercial space, it’s time to contact Junk It Plus. In the Orlando area, we have an excellent reputation for providing prompt, efficient and friendly junk removal services.

We frequently can accommodate requests for same day and next day Florida junk hauling services. No matter what your timeline is, contact Junk It Plus to schedule a time.

We promise to show up on time and ready to haul away your junk at an affordable and transparent price.

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