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You know that old shed that lurks in the back corner of your yard? What's in it?

If you don’t know, then chances are good that it’s a bunch of junk that you don’t actually need. Now that you’ve made that decision, the next step is hauling all of that stuff away.

You don’t have a truck, so what can you do?

Your smartest and best option is to call Junk It Plus. We specialize in hauling away a lifetime’s accumulation of junk. When you’re done with it, just call Junk It Plus in Pensacola. We’ll get rid of it right away.

Of course, Junk It Plus won’t just help you with an old shed that’s become an eyesore. We’ll haul away pretty much anything including:

You know that your clutter is a problem when you are constantly tripping over things in your house. When you’re looking for a specific tool or household item, how easy is it to find? If the answer is that you’re always struggling to locate that one thing that you need, then it’s time to have your junk hauled away.

The first, difficult step to decluttering your space is deciding what to keep and what to toss. It can feel overwhelming, especially when you know you’ve got too much stuff.

The best approach is to consider each item, one at a time. Some of the decisions are easy.

Those power tools that stopped working years ago?

They definitely have to go. How about that broken mixing bowl?

What about that lawn mower that you haven’t used in a decade?

Call Junk It Plus, and we’ll get rid of it all for you.

Whenever too much stuff starts taking over your residential or commercial space, it’s time to contact Junk It Plus. In the Orlando area, we have an excellent reputation for providing prompt, efficient and friendly junk removal services.

We frequently can accommodate requests for same day and next day Florida junk hauling services. No matter what your timeline is, contact Junk It Plus to schedule a time.

We promise to show up on time and ready to haul away your junk at an affordable and transparent price.

Have a Question Before You Book?

If you find that your Pensacola home is just too cluttered

then it’s time to make some tougher decisions. This may mean that you’re considering getting rid of things that you’ve been hanging on to because it might be useful “someday.”

The trouble is that “someday” never comes.

Let Junk It Plus haul it away for you. We guarantee that you won’t miss it, whatever it is.

Across Pensacola, Junk It Plus helps people keep their homes neat and tidy. Of course, we don’t stop with bedrooms, living rooms, garages and sheds. We’ll help you haul away all sorts of yard debris as well.

Let’s face it, when you’re in the middle of a major clean up after a storm at the end of a season, you have more landscaping debris than the city can haul away at once. Don’t let that yard debris detract from your beautiful yard. Call Junk It Plus, and all of that debris will vanish.

While Junk It Plus does a lot of residential junk removal services in Pensacola, it’s not all that we do. We also do considerable work on commercial and industrial sites.

It’s essential for offices, retail spaces, factories and warehouses to be tidy and well-ordered. Not only is this safer for employees, customers and vendors but also it makes the work space so much more pleasant and efficient.

Whether your workplace is burdened by old furniture, disused machinery, old electronics or something entirely different, give Junk It Plus a call. Chances are good that we’ll be able to whisk that junk away so that you can carry on with business like that clutter never existed.

Because the Pensacola junk hauling experts at Junk It Plus frequently work in busy professional settings, we’re sensitive to the needs of our commercial and industrial customers. We offer flexible scheduling that makes it possible to work while your commercial space isn’t operating. Alternatively, we can haul away your junk at the same time that your employees are on the clock. With our quiet and efficient approach, we pledge to create as little disruption to your work day as possible.

Don’t waste valuable commercial or industrial real estate by holding onto old, disused items that are potentially making your workplace unsafe. Get rid of it instead with the help of Junk It Plus in Pensacola.

If you live or work in Pensacola, then you know that this is one city that’s constantly growing. This means that construction projects are popping up all over town. Whether your team is demolishing an existing structure, remodeling an older building or putting up an entirely new structure, you can rely on Junk It Plus to keep your construction site clean and in good working order.

A cluttered construction site is one that is dangerous and nowhere near as functional and productive as it could be. Don’t let your workers risk their safety by tripping over scattered debris. With Junk It Plus construction site cleanup in Pensacola, your construction site will be running like clockwork and far safer for everyone who works there.

Thanks to trash hauling services in Pensacola provided by Junk It Plus, you don’t have to be ruled by your stuff anymore. Take back control of your space whether it is residential, commercial, industrial or a construction site.

The hauling experts at Junk It Plus make it easy for anyone to reclaim their space. When you are living and working in a place that is clean, well-organized and uncluttered, you’ll be surprised at how much better life can be.

Contact Junk It Plus for Pensacola junk hauling today.


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