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The Villages is a fantastic place to live, as long as you aren't surrounded by junk.

Unfortunately, too many people are dealing with the accumulation of a lifetime of stuff. Some it is useful, like the things that you use daily or weekly as an ordinary part of life. Then, there are the sentimental items like the photographs and memorabilia that recall some of the happiest times of your life.

A third category of stuff is harder to classify. It lurks in cardboard boxes that you’ve never unpacked since you moved to The Villages. It’s the stacks of newspapers and magazines that seem to build up faster than you can get rid of them. What about that set of bedroom furniture that you don’t use anymore? How about that refrigerator that you replaced last year?

Chances are good that you don’t really have any need to hang on to this stuff. The trouble is that you don’t know how to get rid of it.

The great news is that you don’t have to let all of that extra stuff clutter up your life. Just call Junk It Plus. instead! We’re a local junk removal service, and we’re ready to help you simplify your life.

Every day, the removal experts from Junk It Plus visit residences in The Villages and surrounding communities to help them get rid of the stuff that they don’t want any more. If you’ve been hanging on to things just because they are too big and bulky for you to move, then give us a call. No job is too big for Junk It Plus.

Have you been wishing that you could update your yard? Maybe you have a plan but know that improving the landscape is going to create tons of yard debris. Perhaps you’re even anxious to tear out part of a fence or finally tear out that old hot tub.

Whenever too much stuff starts taking over your residential or commercial space, it’s time to contact Junk It Plus. In the Orlando area, we have an excellent reputation for providing prompt, efficient and friendly junk removal services.

We frequently can accommodate requests for same day and next day Florida junk hauling services. No matter what your timeline is, contact Junk It Plus to schedule a time.

We promise to show up on time and ready to haul away your junk at an affordable and transparent price.

Have a Question Before You Book?

How will you get rid of all of that trash?

The best solution is to contact Junk It Plus today. Yard debris removal in The Villages can be fast and efficient when you work with Junk It Plus. It’s never been easier to renovate your yard than when you have a professional junk hauling service available to get the trash out of your way. When you work with Junk It Plus, you won’t have to rent a truck or find some other way of getting rid of yard debris.

Of course, we recognize that private homes aren’t the only places where clutter accumulates. An excess of junk is pretty common for businesses as well. Outdated office equipment and furniture is taking up valuable real estate in your office or warehouse. If you’ve been ready to get rid of that stuff for a while but weren’t sure how to do it, give Junk It Plus a call. We help with The Villages commercial junk removal on a regular basis.

It’s no secret that The Villages is growing all the time. New home construction projects are booming, but the downside to that is all of the junk that building homes creates.

Is your worksite made unsafe by piles of trash?

If so, get in touch with Junk It Plus.

The trained junk removers at Junk It Plus. have already spent countless hours cleaning up construction sites around Florida. We know how to get into a construction site, remove the junk and haul it away with minimal disruption to your operation.

Whether you’ve got junk accumulating in your office or your construction site, reach out to Junk It Plus. We understand that time is money, and we’ll do everything we can to make your workplaces safer, more efficient and more productive.

At Junk It Plus, we’re always proud to say that no job is too big or too complicated for us. That’s why we’re happy to take on the really difficult tasks, like cleaning out foreclosed homes. Many of these properties need to be immediately cleaned out so they can be put on the market. Or, perhaps a new owner is excitedly waiting to take possession.


Either way, it’s necessary to clean out that house before moving forward. It’s a fact that foreclosed homes often are left with a considerable collection of trash. You could clear it out yourself, but that would take a lot of time and be a huge amount of work.

Just call Junk It Plus instead to get the job done in no time. Plus, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn just how affordable The Villages junk removal services are.

Trust the bulk trash hauling service that your friends and neighbors have relied upon for years. Contact Junk It Plus today to one of our friendly team members. We can schedule a visit to your residential or commercial property at your convenience.

Whether you need to remove an old washer and dryer, a waterbed that hasn’t been used in years or that old television that you’re finally replacing, Junk It Plus is the trash removal company in The Villages that you want to call.


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