what we take

What can we haul away for you?

what we take

What can we haul away for you?

Well, what have you got?

We can clear almost anything from your property, as long as hazardous waste isn’t involved. Here are just a few examples of the junk that we can make disappear:

You are entitled to clarity and a clutter-free life.

If you and your family find that you are being squeezed out of your home because you just have too much stuff, then you need our help.

If you can’t fit your cars in the garage anymore because it’s too filled with other stuff, then you need to give us a call.

If you’re in the middle of an extensive remodeling project and you don’t know what to do with all of the construction waste, then we’re the ones who can help you.

Don’t spend your time hauling stuff away to the dump or looking for responsible ways to recycle your old appliances. Let us take care of these headaches for you. We’ll help to simplify your life while also saving you time and money.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common items that we take from homes, businesses and other sites around the local area. Chances are good that we can help you just like we have helped your friends and neighbors.

Not sure which size is right for you?

Then look at it this way.

The 12-cubic yard dumpster can hold the equivalent of more than 60 bulging yard debris bags.

If that’s not enough, then consider The 16-cubic yard dumpster. It can hold the equivalent of more than 90 huge yard debris bags. Of course, your junk doesn’t have to be in bags. Just throw it in the dumpster instead.

Nothing could be easier.

What About Appliances?

One of the biggest headaches that homeowners have to contend with is what to do with old appliances after they have been replaced.

What the heck can you do with a massive refrigerator or that old washer and dryer? You definitely don’t have room to store it, but hauling it to the dump is a huge hassle.

That’s where we step in. Here are some examples of the household appliances that we haul away:

The technology that goes into washers and dryers seems to improve every year. This means that you can save a lot of money on your energy bill simply by upgrading to new appliances to clean and dry your clothes.

You love your new, more energy efficient machines, but what do you do with the old ones? You could try to sell them in online classified ads, but that can be a chore. Not only do you have to manage the posting but also you have to deal with having strangers troop through your home to take a look at your old washer and dryer.

The better way is to ask us for help. We’ll haul away your old washer and dryer and take them to a charity or a recycling facility. This ensures that your old appliances are properly disposed of so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Let us take the headache out of getting a new washer and dryer.

There’s nothing like an air conditioner for keeping your home cool and comfortable throughout the dog days of summer, but what do you do with the old unit when you replace it with a larger and more energy efficient model?

The best choice is to give us a call. Disposing of old air conditioners can be tricky. A functional unit can be donated so that a local family in need can enjoy a cooler summer too.

An air conditioner that is no longer functioning remains an excellent candidate for recycling. Many of the materials and components that make up an air conditioner can be used again.

However, your old air conditioner won’t make it to the right facility if you just try to place it in your recycle bin. Because of its size and the chemical refrigerants that it contains, that air conditioner needs to go to a special recycling facility.

Don’t spend hours trying to figure out where to take your old air conditioner. Turn it over to us instead. We know exactly where to take it, and that means a load off of your mind.

Dishwashers and trash compactors are workhorses in the kitchen, but getting rid of old models to make way for new is a major headache. That’s because these appliances are big, heavy and awkward to move. Accordingly, you’d have to get the right kind of vehicle to be able to haul away one or both.

Donating your old but still working dishwasher or trash compactor is always a good idea, but the charity may not be able to pick it up from your house. That’s where we come in. You can always contact us for quick and efficient appliance removal.

Even if your old dishwasher and trash compactor are no longer working, give us a call. We love taking these old appliances to the recycling facility where their parts can be re-used.

Occasionally, the company that drops off or installs your new water heater is willing to take the old unit away with them. Other times, the company wants nothing to do with your existing water heater.

You take one look at that heavy old appliance and know that you can’t move it yourself. It’s too big, and your car definitely can’t haul it away.

That’s when you give us a call. We have the trucks that are needed to move away appliances with the most awkward size and shape. Your old water heater is no match for us.

We’ll take that old appliance to a charity that can make certain that it goes to a family in need if it’s still in good working order. If the water heater isn’t functioning any longer, we’ll make certain that it gets to an appropriate recycling facility where its materials and parts will be responsibly used or disposed of.

It seems like they just don’t make them like they used to. Stoves and microwaves eventually stop heating and cooking food. When this happens, it’s time to find a replacement.

On the other hand, sometimes homeowners who are in the middle of a kitchen remodeling project need to get their old appliances out of the way to make room for something new.

Buying and installing the new appliances are the exciting parts. Getting rid of the older models is the hard part.

Use our fast and friendly junk removal services to ensure that your old stove and microwave get the treatment they deserve, namely, a new home at a recycling facility.

By taking these old appliances to a recycling facility, it’s possible for them to be safely broken down into component parts that can be re-used. It’s an environmentally friendly choice, and anything that can’t be recycled or re-used is disposed of in a responsible manner.

Ensure the proper disposal of stoves and microwaves by letting us haul them away for you.

The high-tech refrigerators that are available today are a far cry from the models of yesteryear. A couple of decades ago when you bought your last refrigerator, did you even picture a time when you would have a television incorporated into the door of your refrigerator?

New refrigerators give you increased energy efficiency. You may even see a drop in your electricity or gas bill because of that newer model. The problem is what to do with your old refrigerator.

Refrigerators are big, heavy and bulky. Complicating the disposal of a refrigerator or freezer is the presence of certain chemicals that are harmful to the environment. A model that was built prior to 1995 probably contains a chlorofluorocarbon, or CFC, refrigerant.

This refrigerant is an ozone-depleting chemical that should not be released into the atmosphere. It’s worth noting that CFC is considered a greenhouse gas, so it may contribute to climate change.

Even if the refrigerator that you want to get rid of isn’t that old, it’s still wise to dispose of it properly. Thanks to our knowledge and connections, we can ensure that your old refrigerator and freezer are recycled to protect the environment.

Lawnmowers and other yard maintenance tools make it easier to keep your yard looking great. After a few years of heavy use, these appliances begin to show signs of wear. Plus, you recently went to a hardware store, and those newer, more efficient models are really tempting.

Maybe the hardware store can deliver your new lawnmower, but they’re probably not willing haul away the old one. That’s when it’s time to give us a call. Hauling away lawnmowers and other yard equipment is our reason for being.

Whether your old lawn mower is suitable for donation, recycling or disposal, we’ll make sure that it gets to the right place without you having to lift a finger.

You could spend hours figuring out how to safely and responsibly dispose of one of these items or you could simply give us a call. Many of these appliances do not have to end up in a landfill. In fact, these appliances, or at least components from them, can be recycled.

If you have electronic items or other technology-driven components that are obsolete, how do you get rid of them?

You give us a call! We get rid of items such as:


These days, technology seems to move at the speed of light. The laptop you purchased two years ago was at the height of technological advancement. Today, it’s virtually obsolete.

The speed with which technology evolves encourages people to frequently upgrade their electronics. This leaves families and businesses with a troubling question. What do they do with their old technology?

Many people just pack away those old computers and printers in a storage facility or a closet. They figure, “out of sight, out of mind.” However, that’s not really the case, is it?

After all, you have to pay a monthly rental fee on that storage facility. Is that really money well spent if you’re storing obsolete electronics?

Even if you just keep those items in a closet, they are taking away valuable, affordable storage space that you could use to keep something that you actually still use.

Why do people hold onto electronic waste, which also may be called e-waste? It’s because it’s so hard to get rid of.

Many regulations determine how to get rid of monitors, computers, printers and other electronic devices. Waste management companies probably won’t just haul that stuff away either.

The trouble is that so many electronic devices contain toxic materials that are dangerous both to human health and the environment. This means that they cannot be safely disposed of in landfills. On the other hand, they are excellent candidates for recycling.

Many electronic devices, even the old ones, are packed with expensive, useful materials that can be used again. When your old technology goes to a proper recycling center, it gets to enjoy a second life and you get to enjoy doing something that helps the environment.

When it comes to disposing of e-waste, the smartest thing you can do is to outsource the job to us. We feel good about taking old electronic devices to the recycling facility, and it’s easy for us to haul away even the largest and most difficult to move items.

Let us take this task off of your hands so you can get back to business.

If you recently upgraded your mattress, then congratulations! You just took an important step toward improving your sleep every night of the week.

Your new mattress may help to get rid of back pain, but it won’t help you get rid of the pain in the neck that is your old mattress. Sure, the company that made your new mattress was happy to deliver it, but they aren’t interested in hauling away the old one.

Don’t lose sleep over this common problem. When it’s time for you to get rid of a mattress, box spring or bed frame, just give us a call.

Using our services means that you do not have to try to find a place to store your old mattress. Too many people go this route and end up with a huge clutter problem. That old mattress just sits and collects dust, and it never gets used again.

Don’t surrender your valuable storage space to an unused mattress and box spring. Call us to come and get it.

We will do everything possible to donate your old mattress if a charity is willing to take it. This is not always an option because of sanitary considerations. Many charities just aren’t willing to accept used mattresses because there may be a health risk. Generally, only the most gently used and stain-free mattresses can be donated.

Still, this does not necessarily mean that your mattress has to go to the landfill. Recycling facilities for mattresses are found in the area, and they represent a way to safely and responsibly get rid of your old mattress.

Did you know that approximately 80 to 90 percent of each mattress is eligible for recycling? It’s true! When you recycle your mattress, you’re doing something that’s great for the environment, and you can feel even better about upgrading so that you can sleep better at night.

When you call us to haul away your old mattress, you don’t have to worry about getting your mattress out to the curb where it can be an eyesore for your neighbors. We’ll come right into your home to carefully and efficiently remove your old mattress and box spring, and we guarantee that we won’t cause any damage to your home.

If you want to make certain that your mattress is properly disposed of, just contact us today. We can make your old mattress and box spring disappear.

Sometimes when you work in your yard, you generate a lot more waste than just a couple of bags of grass clippings and dead leaves. It’s far more than you can fit into the green waste container you got from the city, so does that mean you’ll have to spend weeks or months getting rid of it?

Not when you give us a call!

Whenever you’re doing a really big clean-up project in your yard, make certain that you have our number on speed dial first. Thanks to the hauling capacity of our trucks, we’re prepared to take away all of the yard debris that you can come up with.

People call us all the time when they are doing a major yard clean-up in the spring or fall. Perhaps they cut down a tree and need to have a stump, trunk and limbs taken away. Then, there are the winter storms to consider. Did rain and wind blast through the area, leaving you with a yard full of downed tree limbs?

While we certainly will haul away all of your garden debris like branches, stumps, clippings, sod and soil, keep in mind that we’ll dispose of just about anything that is yard and garden related as well. That includes your old lawn furniture, the croquet set that’s missing more than a few pieces and the gardening equipment that’s broken.

What’s cluttering up your garage or shed? Old planting pots and broken tools just get in your way. Call us to haul them away so that you have the room you need to really make your garden grow.

We’re even here to help you when you embark on major landscaping projects. If you’re taking out a deck, adding or removing a retaining wall or taking on any other jobs that will generate considerable waste in your yard, then give us a call.

Our friendly and helpful staff members are here to ensure that your yard will look tidier and better than ever when the job is done, and you don’t have to worry about disposing of difficult items like lumber, fencing, concrete and plasterboard because we take care of it for you.

Major life changes often signal the need for a thorough clean-out. This is definitely true in the case of foreclosures.

When a financial institution forecloses on a home, it is not unusual for the vacating owner to leave behind a huge mess. They have little incentive to leave the home empty and tidy, and they abandon a significant amount of garbage.

It’s the job of real estate professionals to ensure that these properties are ready to go on the market so that they can be sold with all possible speed. However, when there is a great deal of garbage and debris left behind, the realtor is left to wonder how to get rid of all of that mess.

This is where we come into the picture. We understand that many foreclosed homes are on strict deadlines for re-selling. Accordingly, we are equipped to handle quick and thorough clean-outs on foreclosed homes.

When speed and reliability count for getting a foreclosed home on the market, realtors can trust us to get the job done right and on time.

Similarly, estate clean-outs are part of a major life transition. Whether there has been a death in the family, a divorce or the need to move to an assisted living or retirement facility, contact us to handle all of your estate clean-out needs.

Such a clean-out may involve the removal of appliances, furniture, yard tools and a host of household goods. Some of the items may be donated while others are simply junk that needs to be hauled away.

Estate clean-outs can be quite complicated because they may represent the accumulation of a lifetime of items. Some of these items are heirlooms that the family undoubtedly wants to keep while others are simply utilitarian pieces that may be passed on to someone else or donated to charity.

While we cannot choose which items you may want to keep and which should be hauled away, we can certainly handle the removal of any items from the property. Deciding where everything should go and how to get rid of it can be both overwhelming and exhausting, but we are here to help make some of those headaches disappear.

We’ll not only remove items from the home that you’d like to get rid of but also dispose of things that are stored in sheds, garages and other outbuildings, simplifying the entire task for you.

What if you are moving and need to have your home cleaned out? Once again, we can step in with a helping hand.

Moving frequently means that it’s time to declutter the house. It’s a smart strategy because there’s no reason to move a bunch of stuff that you don’t want to keep. In fact, you may be surprised by just how many things you need to get rid of. Much of it can be donated to charity so that it can be used again. Other things may be able to be recycled. It’s possible that there will be other items that are destined for the landfill.

Wherever the final destination for your unwanted household goods may be, you can rely on us to ensure that your residential waste removal project comes off without a hitch. With our large capacity trucks and considerable experience, we’re able to take the stress out of a home clean-out. You definitely don’t have to do all of the hard work yourself.

Some people feel like their home is in reasonably good order, but they have a problem with the garage. If you aren’t able to park your cars in the garage, then you may need our help.

Don’t feel alone if you’ve got a cluttered, overstuffed garage. This is a problem for many families. It happens gradually as items that are no longer being used in the home or for which there isn’t storage space in the home migrate out to the garage.

Before long, there’s no room for the cars in the garage, and you aren’t even sure what is out there. Finding a specific item is impossible, and there’s the risk of an avalanche whenever a family member ventures into the garage.

This is where we come in. We can help by removing all of the stuff that you no longer want. This means that you don’t have to rent a truck and figure out where to donate or recycle dozens of items. That’s because this is an area in which we specialize.

We take the hassle out of cleaning up your garage, and we’re dedicated to finding ways to responsibly dispose of or reuse your unwanted items. If it’s time to reclaim your garage, then it’s time to call us.

Even a small hot tub can represent a huge headache for homeowners. Whether that old spa is taking up room on your patio or is sitting in its own shelter out on the lawn, it’s an eyesore. You’d love to get rid of it, but how do you haul away something as heavy and awkward as a hot tub?

You don’t! You just give us a call instead.

We have removed more hot tubs from local residences than we care to count. That’s because so many families trust us to remove and haul away that old hot tub that they haven’t used in years.

Removing and disposing of a hot tub is a more complex process than you may realize. It generally involves taking it apart at least somewhat, then it’s necessary to figure out where to take each of those components.

It’s pretty much a guarantee that the local landfill won’t accept it, and you definitely don’t want to leave it out at the curb for your regular garbage service to haul.

This leaves you with the prospect of trying to haul away those parts yourself, but that’s really labor-intensive and time-consuming.

The best option is to ask us to do that hot tub removal for you. It’s something we have a lot of experience with, which means that we can make it a safe and efficient process. We even know exactly where to take all of those old hot tub components so that they can be reused or recycled.

Trust our team of experienced removal professionals to take your old hot tub apart and haul it away. Thanks to a local recycling facility, it’s possible to get rid of these massive appliances in a manner that is safe and environmentally responsible.

Do you do any spring or fall cleaning? Maybe you’ve decided it’s finally time to tackle your junk room or go through every closet in the house.

Whatever your project is, you might be astonished to find the amount of trash that you uncover.

That trash could consist of just about anything: old toys that the kids haven’t played with in years, worn-out clothes that are never coming back in style, unidentified parts and components that went with an appliance that you used to have years ago.

There’s no need to hold on to all of that junk. Let it go so that you can enjoy the clutter-free lifestyle that you deserve.

Now, it may be possible that everything you want to get rid of belongs in a landfill, but there’s always the possibility that the things you no longer want or need can be donated or recycled. These definitely are options that are worth exploring because they are much less wasteful and more environmentally responsible.

If you like, we can help you sort through your options for donations and recycling, as well as which items probably are appropriate for the landfill. This helps to ensure a more efficient process so that you can get back to living your life.

If you find that your trash removal project is an ongoing one, perhaps you would like to consider renting one of our convenient dumpsters. We’ll park it at your house and you can fill it up with trash from all over your property. It’s the stress-free solution when you’ve got a lot of trash that just needs to go away.

Whether you prefer a one-time haul away service or the convenience of a rented dumpster for a longer term project is up to you. We’re here to provide you with affordable, common-sense solutions to your clutter problems.

It’s also worth considering that renting a dumpster is probably a lot more affordable than you realize. That’s especially true when you consider the cost of trying to haul away all of that junk and debris yourself.

  • Would you have to rent a truck?
  • How many trips to the dump would you have to take?
  • How much would those trips cost in gas?

When you factor in your time as well, it becomes clear that renting a dumpster is the smart and economical choice.

Owned by a local family, Junk It Plus features dedicated employees who believe that their lives are improved when they help other people improve their lives. That means providing efficient and cost-effective dumpster rental services throughout Central Florida.In fact, we’ve become so good at our business, that we are the number one dumpster rental company in the region.

We are willing to work with you on a flexible schedule for dropping off a dumpster and picking it up when you’re ready. Transparent, up-front pricing means that you’ll never get a nasty surprise thanks to a hidden fee. Moreover, you can always rely on Junk It Plus to provide helpful, friendly support to ensure that all of your questions and concerns are handled in a timely fashion.

Contact Junk It Plus today to rent a residential dumpster.

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